Instead of Jail Time, He Got a Second Chance Through the Arts
This Is New York
Daniel Aguilar faced the prospect of a criminal record before he was 18. But then he joined a Young New Yorkers program as an alternative to incarceration.
Rollerblading Across the US, Girl Proves Kindness Still Exists
Connected World
Yanise Ho, 23, is rollerblading across the United States. She's relying solely on the goodness of others to provide her with food, water, and shelter.
Erik Shirai’s Unfiltered Portraits of Quiet Lives
The 144-year-old Tedorigawa Yoshida Sake Brewery in Japan toils to keep a dying art alive, as ownership passes from one generation to the next.
9/11 Survivor: ‘I Looked Up and Saw Things No One Should Ever See’
Everyday Heroes
Wendy Lanski describes herself as a wife, daughter, friend, a senior manager, and, after 9/11, she can, unfortunately, add terrorism survivor to that.