Arrested Man Saves Police Officer’s Life

“I have been serving here for more than 10 years, but its probably the first time I have had a man in cuffs in our custody perform such a move"
Jim Liao August 5, 2018

Whether found guilty of a small offense or big offense in any particular situation, men in cuffs have always been known to be people who are dangerous. However this time it was different, and one young man in white, Jamal Rutledge, proved to be of life-saving to the officer who unexpectedly collapsed in his workstation.


Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Franklin Foulks was processing Rutledge, a juvenile defendant, when he suddenly froze and collapsed out of his chair, onto the floor.

The young man did not hesitate even a minute before immediately jumping to his feet and started to attract the attention of the other officers outside of the room, kicking up a ruckus, calling for help.

For most people placed in custody, most would probably not have known what to do, or either just kept silent over that particular incident. They might have even kept to themselves, despite the potentially life or death situation.

Rutledge, however, seemed to have been brought up differently. He later explained he had always been told to alert others in case of an emergency, and in this case did so in an instant. His immediate response when the officer collapsed was to alert the other officers—kicking at the door and yelling for help—who were soon to rush in to Foulks’s aid.

Sergeant Bunin soon arrived and, when he saw Foulks clenching his chest in distress, sent for an ambulance. He cut the officer out of his police gear as he called for assistance over the radio, and soon officers Norvis and Ketchmark arrived. They administered CPR and used a defibrillator to stimulate Foulks’s heart to destabilize his heart.


They were able to take Foulks to Broward Health center for treatment.

When asked by the other officers who were able to help the unconscious officer, he told the story of how his mother had trained him on acting quickly to save lives during an emergency. His mother also worked as a nurse, and therefore had the skills on first aid and saving lives.

The several officers who responded to the alarm made by Jamal to save officer Franklin were extremely amazed by his brave action at that hour.

Once at the hospital, the staff and doctors at Broward Health Medical center were quick to point out Rutledge’s brave decision and move that saved the officer’s life. Even the police department at the station were able to recognize his deeds and rewarded him as a hero at Fort Lauderdale’s commission.


“I have been serving here for more than 10 years, but its probably the first time I have had a man in cuffs in our custody perform such a move,” Senior officer James Curvy stated, according to a news report in CNN.