Cat Stole Dog’s Newborn Puppies and Took Over as Their Mom

She was ready to be a mom. Unfortunately, all her kittens died soon after they were born.
Miguel Moreno August 3, 2018

You often hear of a cat adopting kittens or a dog taking in some abandoned puppies. But it’s rare to hear of an animal adopting another one of a different species.

This is the tale of a cat called Miss Kitty, who couldn’t ignore her maternal instincts when tragedy struck.

Miss Kitty was ready to be a mom.

(Pax TV/Screenshot/YouTube)

Back in 1993, the caring cat had a litter of kittens, which she was ready to love and nurture. The cat had found a special place across the street under a neighbor’s trailer to give birth to her kittens, somewhere safe and warm.

At this time Missy and Ryan Grant, the cat’s owners, did not know where she had hidden the kittens until they followed her to the neighbor’s trailer.

Sadly, the kittens did not look very healthy from the day they found them. Eventually, they all died, leaving Miss Kitty devastated.

Smoochie the dog was not ready to take on her maternal responsibilities.

(Pax TV/Screenshot/YouTube)

At the same time, the Grants’ dog, Smoochie, also gave birth to a litter of puppies. Unlike Miss Kitty, Smoochie didn’t show any maternal instincts and was not interested in taking care of her puppies at all.

Even with the puppies whining for their mother’s attention, Smoochie didn’t seem to even notice them.

Miss Kitty couldn’t stand by and watch the puppies be ignored.

At this time that Miss Kitty’s maternal instincts soared higher and she could not sit by and watch the puppies being ignored.

Linda, the Grants’ neighbor, was sitting eating lunch one day when she heard the puppies screaming. Intrigued, she went to the door and saw Miss Kitty carrying a puppy in her mouth across the yard to her secret place under the trailer.

One by one, she carried the puppies away until they were all safely snuggled up with her.

(Pax TV/Screenshot/YouTube)

The Grants came home to find the puppies missing, but luckily Linda could fill them in on their whereabouts!

“I guess Miss Kitty, when, after her kittens died, she felt the need or want to go take over them [the puppies]. So we came home one evening and there were five puppies missing,” Missy told the PAX TV program It’s a Miracle.

Miss Kitty was very protective of the puppies and would not allow anyone near them. In fact, she bit Missy the moment she went to investigate, but later allowed her to move the new family to a safer and more comfortable place.

(Pax TV/Screenshot/YouTube)

Missy contacted the local news, who covered the story and at the end asked the viewers if they had any young stray kittens that needed nursing.

A viewer called in saying he had two abandoned kittens Miss Kitty could adopt—which she readily did—but surprisingly, Miss Kitty would not let go of the unwanted puppies.

(Pax TV/Screenshot/YouTube)

Missy was concerned whether Miss Kitty’s milk supply was enough to feed the five puppies and two kittens, so she called the vet for advice.

The vet said the cat milk would be fine for the puppies, but recommended that the puppies nurse from Smoochie too to make sure they got enough nutrition. So they had to hold the unwilling mother still while the puppies nursed!

Watching the cat taking care of the little puppies, smothering them with kisses and cuddles, is a heartwarming sight. Miss Kitty is a testament to the power of love and maternal instincts, which seem to have no boundaries.

Source: Lotsacats9 on YouTube.


This article was originally published on The Epoch Times.