In the Community

Teachers Paint Students’ Bathrooms With Inspiring Messages
Teachers at Warren Middle School in Forney, Texas, spent their break painting the student bathroom stalls with inspiring messages.
Boy Rings Emergency Number, Invites Police to His Birthday
Sarah, from New Zealand, got a surprising call from her local police dispatcher. It turns out her son had called to invite the police to his birthday.
Officer Bravely Donates His Kidney to a Family Friend in Need
When Sergeant Jay Jones, heard about Clayton Bolt's situation, he didn't hesitate and offered to donate his kidney to his family friend.
Single Mom Gets Anonymous Text Offering to Buy Son’s Supplies
When Billie received a text from an anonymous woman offering to buy her son's school supplies, she was understandably wary. It seemed too good to be true.
Meet the Female CEO of a Multi-Million Dollar Start-Up
Autumn Manning is the CEO of the multi-million dollar software company, YouEarnedIt. She credits her childhood for best equipping her for the role.
Navy Veteran and Boxing Champion Opens Gym to Help At-Risk Youth
Mike Steadman attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Whilst there, he developed an interest in helping inner city youth.
Biker Finds Kid Who Stole His Custom Bike, Doesn’t Press Charges
When Shmuel Avital, owner of Spiegel restaurant in New York, found the perpetrator who stole his bike, he didn't press charges. Instead, he showed kindness.
Instead of a Fine, Officer Gives Man a Helping Hand
Jacqueline Caicedo, a code compliance officer in Miami Beach, Florida, had received a complaint about a yard and went to take a look at the situation.
Man Saw Friends Fall Apart in Slums, Now Lives to Combat Poverty
David Cherry grew up in the Bronx, New York, when it was the epitome of poverty and violence in the US. He witnessed the downfall of his ...
Man’s Solution Gives Underprivileged Kids Much Needed Supplies
Matthew Kurtzman grew up with everything he could hope for. When he was older, he quickly learned that what he got as a child was not available ...
Man Was an Outsider All His Life, Then Music Changed Him
James Dukes grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and had always found it hard to fit in. That was, until he discovered the power of music.
Teacher’s Encouragement Turned Underprivileged Kid Into a Mentor
Art Langer grew up in a low-income family in the Bronx, New York. He had a talent for drawing and painting, which didn't go unrecognized by a ...
Student Saw Hygiene Being Neglected, So He Got Up on His SoapBox
Dave Simnick noticed that aid projects focused on clean water and sanitaiton, but weren't addressing hygiene. So he came up with an idea to fix it.
Doctor Steps Up to Help Neglected Community After Huge Storm
Dr. Pedro Torres experienced Hurricane Maria firsthand and knew that many communities were unfortunately overlooked in relief efforts.
Student Struggled Until Change of School Turned It All Around
Lemuel Burgos, from Bronx, New York, was struggling with school when, by chance, he was selected for Democracy Prep, a public charter school. It changed him.
Doctor Answers Call to Aid the Helpless Around the World
Dr. Elliott Tenpenny is an American emergency medicine physician who dedicates his life to humanitarian service.
Basketball Star Gets Another Chance With New League
The Junior Basketball Association gives players, like Nolan Irby, another opportunity to play ball professionally after missing out on playing in the NCAA.
Store Employee Kindly Lets Autistic Teen Stock the Shelves
When Jordan Taylor let Jack Ryan Edwards, a teen with autism, help out with stocking the shelves, he had no idea his kind act would go viral.
Birthday Boy Shares Special Day With Police Officers
Elliot Robinson of Utah, had always wanted to be a police officer. So when his 8th birthday came around, he knew exactly who he wanted to spend ...
Former Waitress Returned Money 20 Years After Stealing It
Carlotta Flores, owner of El Charro Café in Tuscan, Arizona, received a letter from an anonymous former employee who was trying to right a 20-year-old wrong.
Woman on Break Finds Lost Marine Ring, Her Search Goes Viral
Suzanne Rogers was in Florida to celebrate her wedding anniversary when she discovers a lost Marine ring on the beach. Her search for the owner goes viral.
Struggling Waitress Gifted New Car by Kindhearted Customers
Cindy Grady, a waitress at the Cracker Barrel in Branson, Missouri, had just finished with a group of regulars when her manager asked her to step outside.
Retiring Mailman Writes Farewell Letter to Residents
It was Isoo Choi's last day as an USPS mailman. Just like other days, he delivered the mail. Only this time, he slipped a farewell letter into ...
Walmart Employee Shows Blind Veteran Kindness, Goes Viral
When Meghann Shaw went to Walmart, she didn't expect to have an eye-opening experience. Then she witnessed Brittany Walton helping a blind elderly veteran.
Teacher Lost Job Because of Faith, Parents Won’t Stand for It
Qinghe from Henan province, China, was a daycare teacher who was loved by her students. However, because of her faith in Falun Dafa, she was locked up.
Arrested Man Saves Police Officer’s Life
Officer Franklin Foulks was in the middle of processing Jamal Rutledge, a juvenile defendant, when he suddenly froze and collapsed onto the floor.
Intern’s Kindness Helped Homeless Man Turn Life Around
Every day, a 16-year-old intern would give his spare change to a homeless man named Ivan in upstate New York. Years later, they would meet again.
Quarterback Steps in When Special Needs Girl Is Bullied
Chy Johnson, was born with a brain disorder. However, that never discouraged her, that was, until she started high school as a special needs student.
Dentist Fixes Abuse Victim’s Teeth Free of Charge
Dr. Kenny Wilstead, was removing Kyleigha Scott's wisdom tooth, when he saw her broken front tooth. When she told him how it happened, he knew he had to ...
Babysitter Claimed Robbers Broke In, Child Reveals Truth
Abby from Washington, was being babysat when robbers arrived at her house. When her babysitter pinned the crime on a black neighbor, Abby revealed the truth.