In the Community

Mom Humbled After Giving Leftover Dinner to Homeless Family
After cooking a huge dinner, Kim Colvin was left with a lot of leftovers. Knowing that she couldn't finish it, she decided to share it with the ...
Kind Nurse Praised by Mom After Daughter’s Hospital Stay
Sophie Skiles was diagnosed with T-Cell lymphoblastic lymphoma when she was just 2-years-old. It caused her to spend months at the hospital.
Meet the Most Decorated Cop in NYPD History
Ralph Friedman is the most decorated police officer in the history of the NYPD. However, he had to earn that accolade and risked his life daily to ...
Chicago Airport Pulled Out All the Stops to Honor Soldier
Passengers on a flight departing from O'Hare Airport suffered delays. But once they looked out the window and discovered why, no one complained.
Family’s Search for a Kidney Donor for Dad Ends up Saving Eight Lives
Neil Emmott needed a kidney transplant but couldn't find a suitable donor. Fortunately, two friends stepped up and saved not only his life, but seven more.