Connected World

The world is more connected than ever with strides forward in technology and the advent of social media—but the medium is not what’s important. What is really important is people, the heart and willingness we have within us to connect with others. These are stories of people going out of their way to reach others, and affect their lives for the better.
Rollerblading Across the US, Girl Proves Kindness Still Exists
Yanise Ho, 23, is rollerblading across the United States. She's relying solely on the goodness of others to provide her with food, water, and shelter.
Risking His Life, Man Returns to South Sudan to Save Others
Malish John Peter, a humanitarian worker with CARE, braved danger and returned to his home country of South Sudan to help those affected by civil war.
Kind Nurse Praised by Mom After Daughter’s Hospital Stay
Sophie Skiles was diagnosed with T-Cell lymphoblastic lymphoma when she was just 2-years-old. It caused her to spend months at the hospital.
Estranged College Friends Have Surprising Run-In Years Later
Jeanne Mitchell had met Cyd in college, and they became fast friends. However, after college, life got in the way and they painfully lost touch.
Music Therapist Helps Figure Skater Come to Terms With Her Past
Christina Britton Conroy, a music therapist, had spotted the former figure skater stretching when she invited her to a one-on-one music session.