Couple Couldn’t Afford to Meet, Go Viral to Make It Happen

These two long-distance lovers couldn't afford the airfare to meet in person for the first time, but like a lot of young people, they had the passion and ingenuity to make it work.
Andrew Thomas August 28, 2018

One young Michigan man wanted to meet his online girlfriend from Newfoundland, Canada, for the first time, but neither could afford to fly. However, with the help of social media and some kind hearts, they turned their fortunes around.

C.J. Poirier began an online relationship with Becca Warren last year. After six months of correspondence, the 19-year-olds decided that they wanted to meet. However, one of them would have to fly to the other.

Sadly, like many young couples, they couldn’t afford the airfare.

However, like a lot of young people, they had the passion and ingenuity to make their first meeting happen.

On May 1, Poirier tweeted at Air Canada and inquired about the number of retweets he would need to be able to meet Warren for the first time. Poirier came to an agreement with the county’s largest airline.

The retweets started going out into the social media ether rapidly, and Poirier was pleasantly shocked.

“Quite honestly, I was very surprised to see the campaign start growing at the rate it is now,” he told The Canadian Press via Twitter.

Air Canada told Poirier that if he could manage to get 530,000 retweets on his Twitter account, they would pay for his trip. The idea behind the number is that the population of Newfoundland is nearly 530,000.

Unfortunately, he didn’t quite make it.

By Wednesday, May 9, he had only accumulated 30,000 retweets, according to The Star.

The Canadian Press reported that Poirier had wanted to reach his goal by May 13 and time was running out.

That’s when Air Canada stepped up.

The airline renegotiated the terms of the deal in Poirier’s favor, and agreed to include screenshots of other Twitter users’ largest retweets and all of Air Canada’s retweets since it joined Twitter.

On May 11, Air Canada sent Poirier a tweet. He had reached 530,000 retweets.

The couple will meet for the first time in a few days. They have become a social media sensation, but they have asked the general public to respect their privacy.

It’s pretty incredible what a group of sympathetic people can do with social media to make a young couple’s dream come true.