Dog Won’t Stop Crying Near Pregnant Owner, Knows She’s Sick

She had constant pain, but doctors dismissed it as having to do with her small body adapting to the pregnancy. But only her dog knew the truth, that something wasn't right.
Joseph Gonzalez August 5, 2018

It’s been proven time and time again that animals, especially dogs, can sense when something isn’t right. So when a dog that loves you won’t stop acting distressed, you better believe something is wrong.

Alhanna Butler was pregnant with her first child, and she and her husband Ricky, residents of England, couldn’t wait to become parents.

(Facebook / Alhanna Butler)

This new addition would increase their family size, which includes their loyal Akita, Keola, who they consider to be their first child.

(Facebook / Alhanna Butler)

Keola has been an integral part of the family since the couple got her in 2014. She always loved to cuddle with her human parents, and once Butler was pregnant, the dog wouldn’t stop laying on her belly. She was elated to eventually have a new member of the family to play with.

And Keola even took part in helping Butler find out she was pregnant.

Butler and Ricky initially had trouble trying to have a baby. Pregnancy tests came up negative over and over again. But one day, a pregnancy test that she read as negative was thrown into the garbage.

Keola saw this test, and fished it out. Once she brought it back to her, Butler couldn’t believe it.

There were two faint lines. It was actually positive! And if it were not for Keola, who knows when the couple would’ve found out.

She couldn’t have been more excited to finally be pregnant. But one day, Butler started getting sick. She had constant back pain, and was just ill in general.

The doctors told her it was because of her small body not being used to the pregnancy changing her body, and others said it was just a part of the pregnancy, and told her to suck it up. But the pain wouldn’t stop.

To make things more concerning, Keola started looking at her pregnant owner with sad eyes. She would lay on her belly any chance she got, and would never leave her side.

“Whenever I went out the house, Ricky said she would cry and pace around and she had never done this before.” Butler told Mirror. Despite the doctors’ claims, Butler couldn’t ignore her pain, nor Keola’s cries.

Then, she got a call from her mother, saying that Keola was trying to tell her something. Butler couldn’t wait any longer, so she went straight to the hospital.

And right when she got to the hospital, she collapsed.

Left bedridden, it took the doctors two weeks to find out what was wrong with her.

Butler had an antibiotic – resistant bug in her stomach, along with a double kidney infection. She would’ve died if she had waited any longer to come in.

Her hunch was right, and she was able to catch it before something horrible would happen. But all of the credit of finding this goes to Keola.

(Facebook / Alhanna Butler)

“She knew I was seriously ill when no one else did and she made sure she told me,” Butler said.

The dog was trying to tell her something the entire time. Without Keola, Butler could’ve not only lost her life, but the baby’s as well. The doctors treated the infections, and Butler went on to have a healthy baby boy named Lincoln.

(Facebook / Alhanna Butler)

The baby is now a 2-year-old, and Keola could not be more attached to him.

Not only did Keola help the couple find out about the pregnancy, but she also helped save Butler and her baby’s life later on. It’s no surprise she ended being as close with the baby as she is.

Keola is a prime example of a dog that’s willing to do anything for their family.

Lincoln is a very poorly little boy today, hes been sick 5 times already 🙁 Keola woke me up this morning by running…

Posted by Alhanna Butler on Wednesday, January 4, 2017