Gas Station Owner Shares His Cut of Winning Lottery Ticket

"This is not money I had to begin with, and I'd rather give it to those who need it more."
Andrew Thomas September 6, 2018

When you win a Mega Millions lottery jackpot of $521 million, the possibilities of what to do with that money are endless. However, the business that sells the ticket also gets a cut.

The amount varies from state to state, but in New Jersey the business will receive one percent of the lottery winnings, or a maximum of $30,000.

However, this gas station owner has done something unexpected with his $30,000 share.

Ameer Krass is the owner of the Riverdale Lukoil South gas station in New Jersey.

On Friday March 30, 2018 one of Krass’s employees found out they had sold the winning ticket for the Mega Millions lottery.

While most of the focus is on who the winner is, Krass’ intentions with his cut have a story as well.

At first, when Krass found out one of his employees had sold the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket—he couldn’t believe it.

Mega Millions lottery tickets. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

“I was in shock first,” Krass told Humanity.

However, over the last few months, Krass’ store has sold four big winner lottery tickets.

“Then I remembered that our store has been the lucky store. We’ve sold several large winners. We sold a $10,000 winner, a $100,000 winner, a $159,000 winner, and a $200,000 winner.”

In light of this, Krass had even made a promise to himself and his store employees should they sell another winner.

He had promised to use the share to give his employees bonuses for a simple reason:

“They work hard. I feel it’s the right thing to do. This is not money I had to begin with, and I’d rather give it to those who need it more.”

Not only were Krass’ employees excited to receive bonuses, there was a sense of communal happiness.

The majority of Krass’ customers are regulars, and the Krass and the employees are familiar with them.

“They were happy simply for the store and for the customers. They have that sense of ownership towards the store, and feel it’s theirs. These customers are their customers.”

The customers are also happy that someone in their community won the Mega Millions lottery ticket.

Even though they didn’t win themselves, they’re elated that someone they know did.

“I’m seeing all smiles across the board. It’s a positive attitude all around,” Krass said.

Not only will Krass use the winnings for employee bonuses, he intends to use part of the winnings to a charity to help build a local church.

“It’s the church that I go to. We’ve been struggling to build it for the last four years, so hopefully that money will help.”