Injured Woman Refuses Huge Compensation Because of Sister

She had been badly injured in a horrific car accident, and her injuries left her in constant pain.
Kat Piper August 12, 2018

Xuan Tieu, an Australian-Vietnamese woman, lives in Canberra, Australia. She worked for the Australian government as a systems analyst.

One day in early 1999, Tieu was late for work. As she sped down the highway at 87 miles per hour, she lost control of the car, and it plunged off the road, knocking down six tall trees. The sixth tree crashed down on top of her car.

Tieu was badly hurt and her injuries left her in constant pain.

After months of trying different medical treatments, doctors diagnosed her with permanent damage to the bones in her neck.

Tieu’s family were worried about her. Her younger sister Le had been following a Chinese spiritual practice called Falun Gong, or Falun Dafa, for three years, comprised of four gentle qigong exercises and a meditation. It also taught people to improve their moral character by following the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

When Le started learning Falun Dafa, she was suffering from depression and was on the brink of a divorce. But after she started doing the exercises and applying the moral principles to her life, her situation turned around, and she now has a positive outlook and a harmonious marriage.

Tieu knew that Le had benefited from Falun Dafa—but when Le suggested she give it a try to see if it could help her heal her injuries, she wasn’t interested.

Tieu had searched online about Falun Dafa, and all she had found was propaganda from the Chinese government defaming the practice.

At that time, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), fearing Falun Dafa’s popularity, was about to launch a violent nation-wide persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners in an attempt to wipe it out. In an attempt to justify the persecution, the CCP spread lies about the practice in the media and online, and Tieu believed them.

Falun Gong practitioners gather outside the Chinese embassy in Ottawa in July 2016 to mark 17 years since the Chinese regime outlawed the practice of Falun Gong in China. (Pam McLennan/The Epoch Times)

Each time Le offered to teach Tieu the practice, she said, “No, I’m not interested,” according to

She told Le all the bad things she’d read about Falun Dafa, even going as far as calling it a cult. But as soon as she mentioned the word, one of the injuries from her accident began to throb in pain. It was so intense that Tieu felt like she was dying.

Eventually, the pain subsided and she started to think about how what she’d read online didn’t really match up to the reality of the practice and the positive changes she had witnessed in her sister.

As her opinion began to change, she realized she’d been tricked by the CCP, and she decided to learn the Falun Dafa exercises.

Xuan Tieu practicing the second Falun Dafa exercise. (

The reaction she had to the exercises was extraordinary. She felt a powerful energy field flowing around her body. As she practiced them more, the pain in her neck almost disappeared and her other wounds healed quickly.

A few months later, Tieu received a letter to notify her that she could receive a large payout from the government due to her permanent injury from the accident. It was such a large sum of money that she could afford to buy a house.

It would seem like this was a good thing, but now Tieu wasn’t so sure. She had been studying the Falun Dafa books and the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. Her injuries had been healed, so was it truthful to take the money that she no longer needed?

For three months, Tieu debated whether to claim the money. Eventually, she decided to throw the letter in the garbage.

“That evening, when I decided not to take the compensation, the remaining pain in my body disappeared instantly,” she said. “I have not taken a single pill since then and have needed no further treatment.”

When her government co-workers heard that she had turned down the compensation, they asked how her injury was healed. They were so amazed that about 20–30 of them wanted to learn Falun Gong too.

Tieu has since held several Falun Gong exercise classes to teach others the practice.

Xuan Tieu teaching children the Falun Gong exercises. (