Parents Discovered 2-Year-Old Son’s A Piano Prodigy

They realized that he had unmatchable musical talent at 2-years-old after hearing him play his older brother's toy keyboard.
Benjamin Brown August 14, 2018

Evan Le of Torrance, California is a child prodigy. His insane musical talent first became apparent when he was just 2 years old and his older brother, Brandon, brought a toy keyboard home.

While Brandon randomly mashed on the keys, Evan pressed them one at a time to see what sound they made and asked his parents many musical questions that they did not know how to answer.

By the time he was 3, Evan was able to play nursery rhymes by ear. Then, at 4, he was officially enrolled in piano lessons. There he honed his talents even further and it was discovered that he had perfect pitch and could read and memorize pieces at a rapid rate.

Evan Le playing the piano (Evan Le Official Channel/Screenshot)
Evan Le playing the piano (Evan Le Official Channel/Screenshot)

It was during this time that this video was recorded. Evan performs a masterful cover of Bach’s “Toccata et Fuga” or “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” that simply must be heard to be believed.

This video was recorded back in 2015 but Evan hasn’t slowed down since. He’s kept a steady stream of musical content up on his YouTuber channel which has over 45,000 subscribers.

Evan is clearly a very talented boy and I can’t wait to see what  he does in the future.

Credit: Evan Le Official Channel

This article was originally published on The Epoch Times.