Programmer Shares About How He Overcame Losing His Eyesight

During a mandatory eye check at work, he told the eye doctor that 8 years ago he had glaucoma. She didn't believe him at all.
Kat Piper August 24, 2018

Kuki is a computer programmer from Romania. He loved his work and spent many hours a day working on computers.

But in 2003, he started to lose his eyesight, which put huge pressure on him and his family. He was devastated—but what happened next completely changed his life in ways he never expected.

The doctors told Kuki that he had glaucoma and the pressure inside his eyes was very high.

He would likely lose his sight completely within two years.

As his sight began to deteriorate, he could no longer work on computers. However, he and his wife depended on his salary to pay the rent and other bills.

He started to look for possible medical treatment. He first visited over 10 doctors in his city, then he tried doctors in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, and he even traveled overseas to find a cure—but nobody could help him.

He became anxious and worried about his future.

Kuki gave up hope of finding a cure through conventional medicine and started to look for a different solution.

(Jeff Nenarella for Epoch Times)

Kuki thought that with all the things happening to him, losing his eyesight might not kill him, but the stress would, so he started to look at meditation as a way to reduce his stress levels, he told The Epoch Times.

He contemplated yoga, and some other qigong practices; however, all required either money or did not seem to explain truly how they worked. This was a big problem for Kuki, who, being a computer programmer, loved to understand whatever he was doing.

When a friend recommended a Chinese spiritual practice called Falun Dafa, or Falun Gong, he looked at the website and saw that it included meditation and was based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. In that moment he immediately felt that it was something extremely good.

Falun Dafa includes four gentle standing exercises, as well as a meditation exercise, and teaches people how to improve their moral character by following the three principles. The teachings are explained in a book, Zhuan Falun, which Kuki started to read.

Inspired, he immediately started to read every teaching by Falun Dafa’s founder that he could find, and he was astonished to find that these teachings were filled with new and profound knowledge that made a lot of sense to him.

“After reading the book, I felt that this definitely opened up the whole world to me, all the possibilities unfolded before my eyes, and many things, and I felt that this was true science,” he said, according to

To try to understand the book better, he read it over and over again.

Suddenly a lot of things from his early life made sense. He was often picked on when he was a child, but never felt like retaliating, and always thought about ways to make society more harmonious and peaceful. Kuki was born in communist Romania and had contemplated since he was little why the propaganda always said that we needed to build a harmonious society and yet things worked out so badly for people.

Having an inquisitive mind he liked to read science fiction books which tried to address the issue of how society evolves under different paradigms. And although many science fiction works explored this subject, still none of the books he read could offer a truly plausible way that would lead to a healthy and happy society.

As he got older, he became more disillusioned with society, thinking there was no hope for change.

“During this period of time I felt that there was no meaning to life. In the beginning, I wanted society to change for the better, but what made me sad was that there was no way of doing so,” he said.

He felt so anxious about the state of the world that it influenced his decision to have children. Although he had been married for many years, he did not want to bring a child into a world he saw as violent and corrupt, worrying that he couldn’t live up to the responsibility of raising them well.

After he started to practice Falun Dafa, his mindset completely changed.

“When I read the book Zhuan Falun I thought, now I know what to do. When you change your view, and when you look upon the world in a different way, you can say that the world has changed,” he said.

“It was illuminating for me. I found out that it is possible to consider a new perspective where everything that happens in this world makes sense,” he told The Epoch Times.

“I’m not afraid of going outdoors any more, and not afraid of conversing with people, and I’m not afraid of this sort of thing. I have become optimistic, and have found the meaning of life.”

He changed from thinking only of himself to thinking about others in all that he did.

“Before I am about to say something that might hurt other people, I think it over. Before I used to think that I am independent and don’t need other people. Now I avoid harming other people to the best of my ability,” he said.

He didn’t argue with his wife any more, and he stopped showing off about his skills at work and instead started encouraging others to work well together.

But the biggest change was that Kuki became a father.

Kuki and his daughter in 2010. (

His wife gave birth to a baby girl, and he felt confident that he could embrace the challenges of raising his daughter well.

And his eyesight? He stopped taking his medication, and slowly his eyes improved. After a while his eyesight returned to normal—and years later he can still do his work and support his family without any problems.

In 2011 he had a mandatory eye check at work, where he mentioned that 8 years ago he had glaucoma. The eye doctor was very surprised and asked to take another look. She told Kuki that he was mistaken, he had never had glaucoma, because this would have left marks on his eyes. Though he had documents from 8 years ago to prove it, rather than argue, he just let it go with a smile.