A look at the people delving into lost and forgotten arts, or preserving longstanding cultural legacies.
Erik Shirai’s Unfiltered Portraits of Quiet Lives
The 144-year-old Tedorigawa Yoshida Sake Brewery in Japan toils to keep a dying art alive, as ownership passes from one generation to the next.
Couple Bought Abandoned 1700s Chateau Site-Unseen
Karina and Craig Waters had fallen in love and bought the Chateau without first seeing the inside. Little did they know what awaited them behind the door.
Preserving the Legacy of the Luthiers
Thinking about investing in a Stradivarius or a Guarneri del Gesù? Well, sound is the very last thing you should consider.
Blooms in New York Breathe New Life Into Centuries-Old Japanese Art
NYBG's fall chrysanthemum exhibitions are extraordinary every year, thanks to horticulturalists bringing the art over from Japan piece by piece.