This Is New York

From Wall Street to Broadway, New York City is built on its people and their stories. This Is New York is a feature series that delves into the lives of inspiring individuals in the city.

Connected World

The world is more connected than ever with strides forward in technology and the advent of social media—but the medium is not what’s important. What is really important is people, the heart and willingness we have within us to connect with others. These are stories of people going out of their way to reach others, and affect their lives for the better.


A look at the people delving into lost and forgotten arts, or preserving longstanding cultural legacies.

Everyday Heroes

There are many places where heroes come into play – and sometimes it’s the unexpected.

Remembering 9/11

It has been 17 years since Sept. 11, 2001.  

There are those for whom that day has not ended. Its impact, whether physical, mental, or emotional, continues to have a lingering effect.  

But, we Americans are resilient, and the survivors of that tragic day are still forging ahead, looking toward the future.