Teen Auctioned Off His Pig to Raise Money for Girl With Cancer

When the bidders heard about why the teen was selling the pig, they helped out in an extraordinary way by donating the pig back to the teen.
Joseph Gonzalez August 24, 2018

Neuroblastoma is a form of cancer that accounts for six percent of all cancers in children, according to the American Cancer Society.

Four-year-old Harlow Phillips is one of the young children fighting the disease: she was diagnosed just days before her birthday. Her aunt, Kim Katzenmeyer, from Evansville, Wisconsin wanted to do everything she could to help her. In May, she stepped down from her teaching job at Evansville High School to help with her niece full-time.

One of the best ways she figured she could do this was to raise money for her niece’s cause at an auction, so in July 2018, that’s exactly what Katzenmeyer did.

In July 2018, Katzenmeyer came up with a great idea to help her niece: she started an auction to raise money for Harlow’s cause at the Rock County 4-H Fair.

Joining Katzenmeyer at the auction was Waylon Klitzman, a 15-year-old former student of hers who would be a big help with her quest.

(Katzenmeyer and Klitzman at the auction / Courtesy of BeatNB.org)

The Plan

Klitzman planned on selling his pig, Roo, at the auction. While it’s never easy to give up an animal, the teen knew that the money towards Neuroblastoma was the top priority.

(Klitzman and his pig / Courtesy of BeatNB.org)

The proceeds of this auction would’ve went right to BeatNB, an organization dedicated to finding treatment for these children—the same organization Katzenmeyer works for.

Klitzman was nervous to be speaking in front of a crowd of people for the auction, but the cause was too important to let his public speaking skills stand in the way.

However, his nerves would be calmed with what happened next.

An Unexpected Response

It turns out that the bidders in the place heard about why Klitzman was selling the pig, and decided to help him out in an extraordinary way.

Instead of the pig just being sold once at the auction, the bidders bought and gave back the pig three different times.

Each time it was bought, the bidder donated the pig right back to Kliztman. That way, he could get even more money for his cause.

The boy and his teacher were both stunned by the response: “I did not see that coming,” Klitzman told The Washington Post. “Usually, they just sell it once!”

One of the bidders was Dave Moll, the co-owner of Moll Construction, which also employs Kliztman’s father. He knew that he wanted to do anything he could to help out the cause.

“I had had no intention of spending that much money or giving the pig back, but I felt like it was the right thing to do,” Moll said.

Much More Than They Thought

After the fourth bidder turned out to be the final bidder, the true scope of these peoples’ good deeds was revealed: Over $10,000 was spent on the pig.

“My heart is bursting with pride for him,” Katzenmeyer said about her former student.

(Klitzman and his family, Harlow is in the pink shirt / Courtesy of BeatNB.org)

The team is already looking towards the next fundraiser. According to the Gazette Extra, events such as a charity ball have been held to help Phillips as well.

If the auction for the pig was any indication, they’ll have no problem raising even more money for Harlow Phillips.