This Is New York

From Wall Street to Broadway, New York City is built on its people and their stories. This Is New York is a feature series that delves into the lives of inspiring individuals in the city.
Instead of Jail Time, He Got a Second Chance Through the Arts
Daniel Aguilar faced the prospect of a criminal record before he was 18. But then he joined a Young New Yorkers program as an alternative to incarceration.
Aspiring Businesswoman Invents for Immigrant Families
Mehrin Maisha is a 14-year-old new immigrant to the United States. An aspiring entrepreneur, she invented a lamp that helps people who share a bedroom.
Virtuoso Nemanja Rebic on Using Music for Greater Service
Nemanja Rebic uses every opportunity his virtuosic guitar playing affords to talk about the persecution Falun Gong in China.
Artist Naima Green Recontextualizes Black Bodies in Urban Spaces
Naima Green's photo series "Jewels from the Hinterland," challenges how black and brown people are viewed in dense urban cities like New York.
Rick Kelly Crafts Guitars From the ‘Bones of Old New York’
Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitars makes handmade electric guitars from the reclaimed wood of some of New York City's most iconic historical buildings.
Cancer Survivor Finds Passion and Starts Cooking School
Mia Russo Stern launched Brooklyn Culinary Arts, an online cooking school that focuses on cancer-fighting cuisine, after she beat breast cancer.
Meet Jacques Torres, the Illustrious Mr. Chocolate
Jacques Torres grew up in Provence, France, and has turned himself into one of the most revered pastry chefs and chocolatiers in the world.
Fashion Model Pooja Mor Talks About What Keeps Her Grounded
Pooja Mor, an Indian model who has walked and posed for the likes of Givenchy and Louis Vuitton, was thrust into the limelight by a quirky twist ...
Meet the Most Decorated Cop in NYPD History
Ralph Friedman is the most decorated police officer in the history of the NYPD. However, he had to earn that accolade and risked his life daily to ...