Woman Struggled With Fertility, So Friend Kindly Donated Eggs

"I really wanted to help her have a baby"
Joseph Gonzalez August 22, 2018

Chelsea Judd, from Hurricane, Utah, is not just a hip-hop dancer for the dance group Kalamity, but she’s someone who has wanted to be a mother for a long time.

Chelsea and her husband, Steve, weren’t in a rush to have kids after they got married, but it was certainly on both their minds for a number of years.

Chelsea and her husband, Steve. (Courtesy of Chelsea Dansie Judd)

When they did eventually attempt to have kids, they were never successful despite many attempts.

“We pretty much did everything you can do,” Chelsea told The Spectrum.

A Shocking Revelation

When nothing else was working, the couple resorted to in vitro fertilization in the spring of 2015. But even this was not enough for a baby—in fact, this process led to an unfortunate discovery.

Upon further examination, it turned out that Chelsea’s eggs weren’t viable to conceive a child.

“We left that day from the fertility center just really defeated,” Chelsea said.

One can imagine the struggle of not being able to have kids, especially after so many years of trying, but Chelsea didn’t want to just give up.

Enter Tia Stokes, one of Judd’s hip-hop dance partners.

Tia Stokes and her husband, Andy. (Courtesy of Tia Stokes)

The New Solution

Chelsea and her husband came up with the idea of using an egg donor to conceive, and a member of the girls’ dance group suggested that Stokes be the one to donate.

After first laughing off the idea, Stokes started seriously thinking about going through with it for her friend. After a few weeks, she decided that she would be the one to do it.

“I really wanted to help her have a baby,” Stokes said.

Stokes already had three kids at the time, but there would be no trouble in helping another one into the world.

Chelsea and Steve cared greatly about who the person would be to donate their eggs, and Stokes couldn’t have been a better choice in their eyes.

“If someone was going to take my place in that part, I wanted it to be someone who was a good person,” Chelsea said about her friend.

Tia Stokes and Chelsea. (Courtesy of Tia Stokes)

Tia went through with the procedure, and fought through the complications that went along with it—shots for hormones and contracting ovaries to name a few.

When the time was right, Tia’s eggs were transferred over to her good friend. Soon enough, the results came in: Chelsea was pregnant!

After seven years, Chelsea and Steve finally got what they wanted.

It Finally Worked

In May 2016, Chelsea’s baby finally arrived—their daughter, Giselle, was born, thanks to Tia.

Chelsea and her daughter, Giselle. (Courtesy of Chelsea Dansie Judd)

The little girl is now two years old, and she couldn’t be a happier baby.

Stokes is now Giselle’s auntie, and the whole process brought the two together even closer.

“I truly believe that our bodies are just instruments to hold our spirits,” Stokes told Inside Edition.

Chelsea has even pointed out that she will let Giselle know the circumstances surrounding her birth.

There are even leftover, frozen eggs from the procedure, so should Chelsea want another child, she won’t have to wait another few years.

Everyone got what they wanted; Chelsea has a baby to call her own, and Stokes was able to provide her good friend with something she wanted for years.